Welcome to Balfour School

We hope that your association with the school is both pleasant and rewarding. Balfour School is a country contributing school with pupils from Year Zero to Year Six.

Currently we have a roll which hovers between 90 – 100 pupils, and which has increased significantly over the past two years. Indications are that we will remain at about the level for the next few years. At present we have a teaching staff of six, one of whom is funded by the Board and Community so that our low classroom numbers are maintained.

A recent addition to our infastructure has been a new library /multi purpose room, built using locally raised funds. Because of roll growth however this bulding currently also serves as our fifth classroom.

At Balfour School we actively promote a ‘family-type’ atmosphere, where there is an environment of trust, sharing and respect for others; and where children feel secure, enjoy success and want to be involved in the exciting learning opportunities that the school offers. The staff are accessible and approachable, and encourage parents to take an active role in school matters by attending school assemblies and school and class activities. Please feel free to make an appointment to come and discuss queries or concerns that you may have regarding your child’s scholastic or social development. One of the greatest strengths we have is in the high level of support we receive from parents and the wider Community. This support, and an attitude of working together, enables us to successfully achieve our goal as set out in our mission statement.